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Video Prenatal is proud to be a part of creating a memory that will last a lifetime. We provide non-diagnostic prenatal 3D/4D ultrasound for entertainment and bonding purposes. We use top-of-the-line ultrasound machines to provide the highest quality ultrasound images. We have a wonderful big-screen plasma display so that you and your guests can enjoy this precious moment together.


HDLIVE4D is even a step higher than the HD. It is an extraordinary rendering method that generates amazingly realistic images of the baby

and the surface tone is no longer in that bronze color.


To learn more about 3D, 4D and HD ultrasound please review the questions and answers below.


What is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasound provides a noninvasive way of looking inside the human body to image anatomy. Anatomic Imaging with ultrasound is accomplished with a pulse-echo technique. Pulses of ultrasound are generated by a transducer and sent into the patient where they produce echo's at organ boundaries and within tissues. These echoes then return to the transducer where they are detected and then presented on the display of a sonographic instrument. The ultrasound instrument processes the echoes and presents them as visible dots, which form the anatomic image on the display.


What is 3D/4D Imaging?

For many years sonography was limited to 2D (2-dimensional) cross-sectional scans through anatomy. Now 2D imaging has been extended into 3D (3-dimensional) scanning and imaging. This requires scanning the ultrasound through many adjacent tissue cross-sections to build up a 3D volume of echo information. This 3D volume of echoes can then be processed and interrogated to present 2D or 3D images of the anatomy.



Is it safe for the Mother and the Baby?

The biological effects and safety of ultrasound have received considerable attention over the past few years. Several review articles, textbooks, and institutional documents have been published. The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) has stated that there have been no independently, confirmed significant bio effects reported to occur in mammalian tissues exposed to focused SPTA intensities of less than 1w/cm. Furthermore, no risk has been identified with the use of diagnostic ultrasound in humans.


Do I need to see a Doctor before I visit Video Prenatal?

Yes. Of course. You are required to visit a doctor and have a diagnostic medical ultrasound of your fetus prior to visiting our office. Our services are purely for entertainment. We provide non-diagnostic ultrasound. A diagnostic medical ultrasound exam will determine the proper development of the fetus and check for any anomalies.

What is the best time to have a 3D/4D Ultrasound?

We advise you to have your 3D/4D ultrasound after 16 weeks. From 16 to 20 weeks is the best time to see the entire body, but the face will not look completely formed. From 24 weeks the baby's face will be more developed but we won't be able to see the entire body in one shot. We will be able to capture different parts of the body in separate shots.



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