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  free rescan if we can't determinate the Gender or baby is  hiding the face..


 You can pay with Cash or Debit/Credit cards.

we are an Elective ultrasound studio.

(Not cover by medicaid or  insurance)

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2D Basic

package only from

(7-14 weeks)
(37- 40 weeks)


  • 10 min ultrasound session
  • 4- Black and withe  Pictures
  • Heartbeat
  •  Add a Teddy bear with baby's hearbear beat  $20

Boy or Girl ??

2D/3D Gender reveal

(15+ weeks)


  • 15 min ultrasound session

Gender reveal from 15+ week

  •  3D picture if Baby is in good position
  • 6- 2D/3D  Black and white pictures
  • (ad a CD  DVD or USB $10)
  • Add a  baby heartbeat recorded in a bear of your choice. $20 / $29
  • Mommy bag 

Peek-A-Boo special



  • 20 Min ultrasound session
  • Gender reveal from15+ week
  • 6- 3D Black and white prints
  •  2- 4x6 color pictures
  • choose a CD with 3D/4D images and video clips of movements.
  • or  DVD set to music
  • Mommy bag

Blue package

3D / 4D/ HD LIVE

(27+ WEEKS) $95




*25 to 30 Min Ultrasound session

  • Gender Confirmation
  • DVD of Ultrasound session (Set to Music)
  • CD with all 3D/HD  images (ideal to print or e-mail)
  • 8- Black and white Prints
  • 3 - 4x6 color pictures
  • Mommy bag

Gold package

2D / 3D / 4D / HD LIVE

(27+ weeks) $135

*30 Min Ultrasound session

  • Gender Confirmation
  • 8 Black and white 3D /HD print
  • DVD of ultrasound session (set to music)
  • CD or USB with 3D/4D/HD images (ideal to print or e-mail)
  • 5- 4 x 6 color pictures
  • 8” Heartbeat teddy bear (Baby’s heartbeat recorded and put inside a teddy bear of your choice)
  • Mommy bag

Teaddy Bear

Heartbeat teddy bear (Baby’s heartbeat recorded and put inside a teddy bear of your choice)

8" Bear$20

16" Bear$29



when is the best time to come?

DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!!! We ask our moms to double up on their water intake the entire week before an ultrasound. Many times, moms think this means a full bladder; it does not. To obtain a 3D/4D ultrasound, our waves need to travel through fluid. More fluid in front of baby’s face, means better quality od pictures. If a baby is right up against the placenta or the side of the uterus, the waves have to travel through these to and back from the face, causing a cloudy look. It usually takes 2-4 days for fluid to reach the uterus from drinking, which is why we ask that you increase the water intake the ENTIRE week before. Last minute water binging doesn’t help. Please note, that just because a “magic pocket” of fluid is not in front of baby’s face, it DOES NOT mean the actual fluid is low. Many times, baby has just positioned himself in such a way that the fluid is not in front of his face. So doubling your water helps to give the greatest chance at having the magic fluid pocket in front of the face.


14 to 20 weeks


You will be able to see your entire baby. Your baby will look skinny and with skeletal like features. This is normal, because your little one is still forming fat. and we can determinate the Gender.


20 to 28 weeks


Your baby has started to form fat and starting to look more like your precious bundle of joy. This is a great time to capture hands and feet pictures, as well as face shots.


28 to 34 weeks


Your baby should still have plenty of room and have formed enough fat for us to capture those adorable ultrasound images. This is the “perfect” time to get your chubby baby face shots!


34 plus weeks


Your baby is now close to its birth weight and the space is tight within your belly. This time can be “iffy” on what all can be captured on ultrasound. The position of your baby will play a huge roll in the success of good images. We can still try and get great chubby images of the face, hands and feet, but a complete photo of your entire little one will not be possible due to your baby’s size.



PLEASE CALL 704 567 6767


Monday thru Saturday


We offer an elective ultrasound service,
we are not a Diagnostic Clinic


Address: 5500 Executive Center Dr. Suite 221 Charlotte, NC 28212

We are conveniently located at East Charlotte, close to the social security office and the WIC office corner of Albermarle Rd and Executive center Dr, Ph: 704.567.6767


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